Campaign 2018

For the 2018 Campaign we asked key opinion leaders in podiatry worldwide to support the campaign. Here under, you can find their videos explaining  why podiatry is important for them, their patients and how they see the future of this great profession.

Discover all the infographics made as well as the feet facts.

Dr. Alfred Gatt - Watch here
Dr. David G. Armstrong - Watch Here
Dr. Laura Shin - Watch here
Mrs. Carine Haemels - Watch here
Dr. Dennis Frisch - Watch here
Ms. Paul Borgions - Watch here
Dr. Robert Ashford - Watch here
Dr. Howard Dananberg - Watch here
Dr. Alex Kor - Watch here
Mrs. Ekaterini Kalykakis - Watch here
Dr. Benno Nigg - Watch here
Mrs. José Garcia Mostazo -
Spanish: Watch here
English: Watch here
Mrs. Minna Stolt - Watch here
Dr. Brad Sonnema - Watch here
Dr. Matt Garoufalis - Watch here
Dr. Tracey Vlahovic - Watch here
Mr. Ted Jedynak - Watch here
Mrs Gwen French - Past President FIP-IFP 1997-1999

“As the experts in foot care at all levels we have an immense responsibility not only for research and advancement but also to ensure that our basic level of skill is preserved and not diluted. It is surely a legitimate claim for us to maintain the ability of so many of the public to keep mobile thus reducing the burden on both public and private finances. We should direct more of our public relations efforts towards government agencies at various levels to ensure that there is a realisation of the impact that podiatry/chiropody has on the populace. Providing a good podiatry/chiropody service gathers VOTES!"