Age Physical Development
Birth Lies in fetal position with knees tucked up. Unable to raise head. Head falls backwards if pulled to sit. Reacts to sudden sound. Closes eye to bright light. Opens eyes when held in an upright position.
3 months Pelvis is flat when lying down. Lower back is still weak. Back and neck firm when held sitting. Grasps objects placed in hands. Turns head round to have a look at objects. Establishes eye cntact.
6 months Can lift head and shoulders. Sits up with support. Enjoys standing and jumping. Transfers objects from one hand to the other. Pulls self up and sits erect with supports. Rolls over prone to supine. Palmer grasp of cube. Well established visual sense.
9 months Sits unsupported. Grasps with thumb and index finger. Releases toys by dropping. Wiggles and crawls. Looks for fallen objects. Holds bottle. Is visually attentive.
1 year Stands holding furniture. Stands alone for a second or two, then collapses with a bump. Walks holding one hand. Bends downward pucks up objects. Pulls to stand and sits deliberately. May walk alone. Holds spoon. Points at objects. Picks up small objects.
15 months Can crawl upstairs frontwards. Kneels unaided. Balance is poor. Can crawl downstairs backwards. Builds 2 block tower. Can place objects precisely. Turns pages of picture book.
18 months Squats to pick up toys. Can walk alone. Drinks without spilling. Picks-up toy without falling over. Shows preference for one hand. Gets up/down stairs holding on to rail. Begins to jump with both feet. Can build a tower of 3 or 4 cubes and throw a ball.
2 years Can kick large ball. Squats with ease. Rises withouth using hands. Builds tower of 6 cubes. Able to run. Walks up and does stairs 2 feet per step. Turns picture book pages one at a time.
3 years Can jump off lower steps. Can pedal and steer tricycle. Foes up stairs one foot per step and downstairs two feet per step. Copies a circle. Imitates cross and draws man on request. Builds tower of 9 cubes. Has good pencil control. Can cut paper with scissors. Can thread large beads on a string.
4 years Sits with knees crossed. Ball games skill increases. Goes down stairs one foot per step. Imitates gate with cubes. Can turn sharp corners when running. Builds a tower of 10 cubes.
5 years Skips. Well developed ball skills. Can walk on along a thin line. Skips on both feet and hops. Draws a man and copies a triangle. Gives age. Can copy an adults writing. Colours pictures carefully. Builds steps with 3-4 cubes.
6 years Learns to skip with rope. Copies a diamond. Knows right from left and number of fingers. Ties shoe laces.

Development delay

Developmental delay or abnormal Child Development Milestones occurs when children have not reached these milestones by the expected time period. Developmental delays can occur in any area of Child Development Milestones. Additionally, growth in each area of development is related to growth in the other areas. So if there is a difficulty in one area (e.g., social and emotional), it is likely to influence development in other areas (e.g., speech and language).

What to do?

If you have questions concerning the feet of your baby, toddler or child, don’t hesitate and consult a podiatrist.